DIY Auto Maintenance and Servicing Tips

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Five Safe Ideas for Dealing With Cracked Radiators

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On an episode of Bush Mechanics, the stars of the show fixed a cracked radiator using an old battery. They removed the existing radiator, melted the core of an old battery over a fire and then poured the molten substance over the radiator, where it set and presumably repaired the crack. While this approach might work in a pinch, it is also a bit dangerous. Luckily, there are other ways that you can address and repair a cracked radiator. Read More»

Three Quick Tips to Help First-Time Car Owners Avoid Sudden Car Battery Failure

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At least every car owner can attest that sudden battery failures are a nasty experience, especially if you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception to call for roadside assistance. The experience may leave you distressed, more so, if no one stops to help you jump-start your car. If you want to avoid this nightmare that often comes without any warning, you will need to take care of your car battery or replace it before it becomes a liability. Read More»