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The Less Obvious Parts of a Full Car Service

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Having a car serviced regularly is an important way to ensure your vehicle has as long a life as possible and that you can use it safely. While some aspects of a full car service are to be expected—e.g. engine checks, testing the brakes, examining the tyres—there are some checks that aren't so obvious.

Because they're things you probably don't often think about, here are some of the lesser-known servicing components and why they're important.


Your car's lights are one of the most important tools for keeping you and other drivers safe in dark conditions, so it's essential that they're checked thoroughly.

A proper service will involve checking every light on the vehicle, including hazard lights, fog lights and indicators. Your mechanic will make sure everything works as brightly as it should and in the right situations, so you're not stuck with unexpected problems when you need your lighting.

Dashboard instruments

You probably take instruments like your speedometer for granted, but if they break, the results can be disastrous. As long as they're checked regularly, any faults can be fixed quickly to keep them operating reliably.

Not only can potential problems be spotted early, but they'll be checked for accuracy so you can be confident that you're getting a proper reading.


Tiny faults and invisible damage can spread through glass suddenly, causing big problems and even sudden breakages. This is a particular risk with windscreens, where gravel and other pieces of debris hit the glass quite often.

During an inspection, small faults can be spotted so that they can be dealt with early, preventing serious unexpected problems down the line and keeping your vision unobstructed while you drive.


Although it's only in the last two or three decades that people have come to truly understand the lifesaving importance of front and rear seatbelts, you're probably aware of their importance without having to think about it. However, they're something people tend to assume will always work, and you don't think to check them.

Having them tested by a professional as part of your car's service could make a huge difference to the safety of you and your passengers.

Exterior bodywork

There are various issues that can arise on the outside of a car, so it's almost as important as the engine and wheels when it comes to servicing.

Any early signs of corrosion can be stopped in their tracks, and discovering minor damage at the right time can stop it from becoming major.