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The Different Types of Hydraulic Equipment

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Hydraulic equipment employs the use of liquid fluid power to work. There are various valves used to control the hydraulic fluid as it moves through the equipment. The technology is also applied when it comes to vehicles. Hydraulic equipment are used when servicing your vehicle as the elevation enables full viewing of the vehicle. There are different types of lifts that are used in various car repair centres to be able to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle in case of any problems. Hydraulic lifts are some of the things that are very important when it comes to auto repair. Here are some types of hydraulic equipment. They include, two post lifts, scissor lifts, motorcycle lifts and four post lifts.

  1. Two post lifts – These are the most famous hydraulic equipment when it comes to lifts. It comprises of two arms that offer support to the left and right side of the vehicle. One of the major reasons why this particular hydraulic equipment is hugely adopted is that it is very cost friendly especially for small centres. It is also small enough thus does not occupy a lot of space leaving room for other purposes as well.
  2. Scissor lifts – These are preferred when it comes to servicing vehicles. This is because attending to the wheels does not require a lot of height but just a little suspension from the ground. The advantage is that it takes very little to be able to use this hydraulic equipment. Your biggest task will be correctly positioning the car before using the scissor lift. However, these hydraulic equipment are only meant for the short term use and cannot withstand long periods of storage.
  3. Motorcycle lifts – If you own a motorcycle, then regular repairs and maintenance are unavoidable. To help you out, there are motorcycle lifts. The biggest advantage is that they are small making them easily moveable from one place to the other. You can as well easily store them whenever you are not using them.
  4. Four post lifts – There are two more posts for support as compared to the two post lifts. This kind of support is very suitable for heavy cars making them very common among car enthusiasts. With this hydraulic equipment, you can choose what type you ant depending on the weight of what you want to lift as they are different. If you are working from ground that is even, there is a ladder system that can be used to adjust the lift.