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Is Your Car Battery Able to Deal with the New Technology?

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Have you suffered yet another breakdown caused by a flat battery? You may have been confused for some time now as you have replaced this unit more than once and yet you are still suffering these consequences. It's possible that you are using the wrong type of battery, as you have selected the incorrect version to cope with your car's specific technology. How could this have happened?

Stop and Start

If your car is relatively modern, it's likely that it is equipped with "stop – start" technology, a system that is being introduced by virtually every manufacturer. It's designed to help you save money and reduce emissions to the environment, as it will cut off the engine when the vehicle is stationary. You may have noticed this in action whenever you come to a halt at a set of traffic lights, as the engine magically turns off and immediately springs back into action when you're ready to go. Unfortunately, this can put a considerable strain on a car's battery and if you don't have the right one fitted, will invariably end up stranding you by the side of the road again.

As you may know, the primary role of the battery is to provide enough of a boost to get the vehicle running in the first place. With this new technology, the battery is having to do this on a regular basis, rather than just once or twice a day and you need to have a "beefed up" version to cope with the demands.

Different Types of Battery

Manufacturers may use an absorbed glass mat (or AGM) technology within their upgraded battery, which has specific components designed to provide more power and charge more quickly than the conventional battery. Some manufacturers may resort to a completely different type of design (such as enhanced flooding), but once again with the aim of dealing with this issue.

Heavy Duty Is Not Good Enough

You may have been fooled into thinking that a standard, heavy-duty battery is more than able to cope with normal driving. However, you will need to look for a replacement that is specifically designed for stop-start technology and while this may be a little bit more expensive than usual, will certainly help you avoid this type of breakdown going forward.

Getting the Right One

When you call a mobile battery replacement service, make sure you tell them that you need this type of battery fitted.