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Mechanics to the Rescue – Getting Help at Home

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Some people estimate that the average family saloon car sits unused for more than 90% of a typical day. If you think about it, you can imagine how this is true as in your case, you only use it to go back and forth to work and maybe for a couple of errands at the weekend. It's not surprising, therefore, that mechanical issues will crop up at home and usually when the owner tries to restart the vehicle after it has been idle overnight.

You may have been faced with this issue a couple of times in the recent past and know that there is something wrong, but you've always managed to get the car going and press on with the day. Apart, that is, from now, as nothing you can do, and no amount of colourful language will help. What should you do next? 

Mobile Help

Unless you have an existing relationship with a local garage and know that you can trust them to look after your vehicle, you may be starting with a clean sheet of paper. You know that you need to solicit the services of a professional, but you cannot start the vehicle in order to get it to some remote facility. You may not be aware, but organisations exist that will come out to your house and will take care of your problem in the majority of cases. If you have a garage attached to your house, all the better as this is the perfect temporary workshop for the mobile mechanic.


These organisations are not crewed by amateurs, but by qualified, licensed and insured mechanics who have a lot of experience in their field. When they arrive, they will make sure that the work area is secured and properly protected using ground sheets, before they even consider dismantling the problem area. They may be able to download a diagnostic code from your vehicle's computer that tells them how to proceed and if it's something relatively common, they will probably have the part with them.


It's a good idea to explain the symptoms as clearly as possible when you call a mobile mechanic so that they can develop a picture of the problem and bring the appropriate tools or parts with them. If they're not able to fix the issue there and then and it requires a complete disassembly, then they will arrange for transportation to a recommended garage nearby instead.


So, as you can see, there is a solution for your crisis, and it's to be found at the end of the phone. The sooner you call, the quicker you can get back behind the wheel.