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Is It Time to Service Your Car's Brakes? 3 Signs to Look Out For

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It is natural for certain parts of your car to wear out as the mileage increases. However, you can slow down the rate of aging and enhance your road safety through regular maintenance. One of the features of your car that should always be in excellent condition is the braking system. Brake discs and pads are among the most commonly serviced parts of a car. It is critical to have them serviced regularly because functional brakes are often the difference between a car that can stop before an accident and a road safety hazard.

Fortunately, your brakes will have signal problems before they fail. If you watch out for the following three signs and have your car serviced in time, you will keep your vehicle safe.

How Does the Vehicle Stop When You Brake?

The first sign that a car might have serious issues with the braking system is when it starts pulling towards one side when you apply the brakes. Naturally, your vehicle will stop in a straight line after you step on the brake pedal.

However, if your car keeps dragging to one side, it signals that your brake pads have issues or that the entire system needs servicing. Consider having it assessed and serviced by a professional mechanic. You can also take the vehicle back to the dealership for a maintenance check.

How Do the Pads React to Foot Pressure?

When you apply the footbrake to your car, it should stop in a controlled way. If your system has developed a complication, the car might stop suddenly. Take your vehicle for servicing as soon as you notice this, as it could signal bigger problems.

You should also check the starting position of the brake pedals. Different models have an extra pedal angle. Check with the dealer for your model's recommendation. If your vehicle does not meet the market requirement, contact the dealer to have the problem assessed.

How Does Your Car Behave When You Brake?

Vibration is almost always an indication that brake fluid is leaking and finding its way into the braking system. If your car keeps vibrating, take it to a professional for maintenance checks. A technician will diagnose and offer the best repair solution.

Well-maintained brakes make it easy to control your vehicle and assure you of safety on the highway. Only trust professionals with the task of servicing your car braking system when you notice signs of problems. 

Contact a mechanic, such as a BMW car mechanic, for regular servicing.