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5 Signs It Is Time to See a Mechanic for Brake Services

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Seatbelts and airbags are fitted in your car to shield you from injuries during an accident. However, they go hand-in-hand with a properly functioning brake system. That is why you should always pay attention to your braking system and call or visit your mechanic when you detect anything unusual. However, not everyone is adept with their car's mechanical issues, so you might skip crucial signs indicating that your brakes are failing. Read on to learn the signs that your braking system needs attention.

1. Grinding or High-Pitched Screeching Sounds

As long as your brakes are in perfect condition, you should not hear any weird sounds when you press the pedals. But when faulty, they might produce a high-pitched sound. This sound does not come directly from the brakes but rather from the metals attached to your brakes. The two metals grind on each other, signalling that the brakes are weakening. Therefore, you need to call a mechanic to replace the pads right away.

2. Screeching Noise Despite a Replacement

If the high-pitched noise persists after repair, you could be dealing with a greater problem. You need to take the car to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. One of the possible issues they might find is a glazed motor due to repeated braking. As it becomes hot, it burns the metal motor next to it, resulting in a dark ring or blue marks on the metal. With that said, you need to minimise forceful brakes and seek repair services.

3. Overly Soft Pedal

Well-functioning brake pedals are raised a few inches from the ground. If too close to the ground, you have a problem, and you might struggle to stop the car. Worn-out brakes that often feel like that are dangerous. You need a mechanic to replace them at once.

4. Brake Pad Issues

Wear and tear on the brake pads indicate looming trouble in the system. As your mechanic inspects the vehicle, they need to check the brake pads. If the pads are extensively worn down, you need to place them immediately to avert a potential accident.

5. Vibration When Pressing the Brakes

Though many things cause vibrations in the vehicle, brake problems are a primary cause. Vibrations indicate that the brake motors are distorted due to excess heat. When the motor is warped, the brakes will not have a place to rub against, thus reducing friction. You need to drive to the nearest repair shop for immediate repair.

Brakes are an essential part of a car. If something is not right in the braking system, it can become a dangerous affair. Therefore, visit a mechanic if you notice these signs.