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Agricultural Tractor Tyres: Three Important Tips for Promoting Good Performance

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The performance of your tractor will depend significantly on the reliability of the tyres. In simple terms, if the tyres are incompatible with the agricultural machinery, the risk of accidents and injuries will increase during core operations. Moreover, unsuitable tractor components could lead to a decline in productivity, crop loss and equipment damage. Therefore, ensure that your tyres are in the right state before farming tasks. If you are having trouble with your agricultural tyres, consider these guidelines on improving the performance and subsequently, productivity.

Choose the Right Tyres

The right tyres are essential for the consistent function of the tractor. Therefore, if you are shopping for new equipment or replacement tyres, look for the best products for your machinery. In general, purchasing the tyres recommended by the equipment manufacturer is the best choice. The tyres are tried and tested, minimising the risk of poor performance. However, in some situations, replacing the tyres with special alternative designs might be beneficial.

If you would like to improve tractor performance or modify the equipment for a special application, consider deviating from the standard recommended tyre. For example, if you are planning on using the tractor on land with thriving crops, narrower tyres will minimise land damage. You can also choose tougher or wider tyres if you are interested in better weight-bearing capabilities. Other critical factors include brand, flexibility, compatibility and cost.

Consider Ideal Inflation

Improper inflation is a common cause of poor tractor tyre performance. If the tyres are not inflated correctly, the tractor might not function at the optimal capacity. Moreover, the equipment will be more susceptible to wear and damage. For instance, an underinflated tyre will have difficulty supporting the weight of the agricultural machinery. Consequently, the structure will experience unusual flexing during movement, increasing the rate of wear and failure. Overinflation is also a problem because the tyres will experience irregular wear, and the movement of the tractor will be compromised. Therefore, check the recommended pressure for your tyres and adhere to the tested standards.

Check for Damage

Finally, monitor the condition of your tractor tyres. These units are expensive, and their premature damage or failure could affect your agricultural profit margins. Constant inspections will help you identify problems during their early stages. If there is damage to the structure, the timely restoration will prevent further deterioration and subsequent failure. For the best results, choose an experienced specialist in tractor tyre services for maintenance and repairs. Remember, overlooked damage could also lead to serious accidents. 

To learn more about agricultural tyres, contact a local agricultural equipment auto shop.