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Could You Have A Problem With Your Vehicle's EGR Device?

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Does your car or truck feel a lot more sluggish than usual these days? Have you also noticed some dark smoke coming out of the exhaust tailpipe? If so, and you have an exhaust gas recirculation device (EGR) fitted to the vehicle, it may be time for you to pick up the phone and talk to a mechanic. What could be going wrong here?

Dealing With Harmful Emissions

The EGR is a component that is fitted within the exhaust system. It's designed to regulate harmful emissions as they emerge from the engine and before they can enter the atmosphere. This device will effectively trap those toxic emissions, and most vehicles must have this part fitted to conform to stringent regulations.


Inside the device is an effective filter, but another part can also deal with the trapped particles when they accumulate to a certain level. Manufacturers approach this job differently, but your vehicle should have one of two different devices.

Using one approach, it could have a sensor that detects the level of those particles and then sends a signal to the ECU to increase engine exhaust temperature. This should burn off the particles within the EGR, converting them to harmful dust. In some vehicles, this may happen automatically when the car reaches a certain speed for a specific amount of time. Usually, the regeneration process will happen when you are driving the vehicle on a motorway, and you shouldn't need to worry about anything.

Developing Problem

However, sometimes the regeneration process may not happen or may be inefficient. In this case, the EGR could become clogged as those particles build up to a certain level, which may then block the passage of exhaust gases through the system. This will create pressure that will back up towards the engine and affect performance, which is why you may notice a sluggish motor instead. This situation could also cause the exhaust fumes to darken as they emerge from the tailpipe.

Fixing The Issue

If you suspect you have issues with your EGR, you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic. They can remove this part and clean it using special tools so that it can once again do its work as intended.

Taking Action

Remember, if your vehicle is fitted with an EGR, you are responsible for keeping it in good condition so that your car is always compliant. Don't delay, and get in touch with a mechanic today.