DIY Auto Maintenance and Servicing Tips

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Is Your Transmission's Drivetrain in Jeopardy?

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If you are not savvy about the inner workings of cars, chances are you will have no clue what the drivetrain is. This component in your auto transmission system plays a crucial role in ensuring that power is directed from the transmission system to facilitate the turning of the wheels and the subsequent motion of your vehicle. However, since the average person will be unaware of the role that this component plays, they tend to be unaware of what problems a damaged drivetrain can do to the overall performance of their transmission system. Read More»

Mechanics to the Rescue – Getting Help at Home

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Some people estimate that the average family saloon car sits unused for more than 90% of a typical day. If you think about it, you can imagine how this is true as in your case, you only use it to go back and forth to work and maybe for a couple of errands at the weekend. It’s not surprising, therefore, that mechanical issues will crop up at home and usually when the owner tries to restart the vehicle after it has been idle overnight. Read More»

Is Your Car Battery Able to Deal with the New Technology?

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Have you suffered yet another breakdown caused by a flat battery? You may have been confused for some time now as you have replaced this unit more than once and yet you are still suffering these consequences. It’s possible that you are using the wrong type of battery, as you have selected the incorrect version to cope with your car’s specific technology. How could this have happened? Stop and Start Read More»

How Does Your Car's Radiator Work?

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In an internal combustion engine, petrol, air and electricity combine to create a controlled explosion that pushes the pistons downward to create energy and motion. As you can imagine, this creates a significant amount of heat within an enclosed area and this results in a rapid temperature buildup as the engine runs. While your car has several inbuilt cooling systems to take care of this issue, one of the most important components is the radiator. Read More»

Consider adding an amplifier to your car audio system

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The difficult truth is that most cars have substandard audio systems. You will often find that some speakers don’t work, are underpowered, or are overused and sound distorted. If you love music and are looking to get better performance from your vehicle’s audio system, you should consider installing an amplifier to supplement your car’s sound. Many people mistakenly view amplifiers as audio devices that are only necessary for chest-thumping bass. Indeed, you may see some vehicles on the road blasting loud music and get the wrong impression about amplifiers. Read More»

How to Ensure That Your Vehicle's Heating System Is Ready for Frigid Times Ahead

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Remember that cold snap that seemed to last forever last winter? Forecasters predict that there will be more of the same as this season rolls around again, and you need to be ready if you’re going to be comfortable during your morning commute to work. You may remember that your vehicle’s heater was a little unpredictable last time, so you need to take action now before you get caught out again. Read More»

Why Wheel Alignment?

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give the alignment of your car’s wheels a lot of thought. But badly aligned wheels can end up costing you money and even put you and your passengers at risk. What is wheel alignment? When your wheels are aligned they will be parallel to one another and will track perfectly straight when you drive along the road. The adjustments your car needs to align the wheels are highly technical. Read More»

Troubleshooting Some Common Car Repair Issues

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Taking your car in for needed repairs may not be your idea of a fun afternoon, but it’s absolutely necessary to do this once your car starts acting up. Small problems with your car can indicate major trouble under the hood, and this trouble can lead to serious repair bills and to having your car break down when you least expect it. To help you better understand what you might be facing when it comes to car repairs and their accompanying costs, note a few troubleshooting tips for common car repair issues. Read More»